Oh, Hey!


Welcome to Fox and Doe!

We are Bryan and Jillian Bergamo. I am currently studying in the English graduate program at CSULB and Bryan works locally in marine construction. Basically, I spend most of my days reading and he out on the water. But, that isn’t really who we are. First and foremost, we are parents. We have two wild, awesome little turds who keep us constantly on the verge of madness, but just shy of the line ; ) Raising them continually challenges us as individuals and a married couple.

Bryan’s main passion is photography and mine words. But, we have interests for days. We enjoy traveling to new places and exploring our ever-changing town. I have always had a foot in the beauty industry, and can’t seem to step out lol. We can’t narrow our interests down, so were gonna share them all!

Our biggest focus for Fox and Doe is to mash up all our passions into something entertaining and helpful for others. Thank you for having a look at our new blog! We hope you stick around, find some stuff you like, and genuinely feel like you are just kicking back with some goofball friends.