5 Reasons Why We’re Steve Harrington Converts

Previously in 11 Reasons Why Stranger Things Is The Best, I stated that we were fans of all the characters on the show, except for Steven Harrington. Lord, forgive me for I have sinned! Season 2 of Stranger Things has brought me to the light, and I am sorry! After finishing the season, we have officially converted to Harringtonism.

**Spoiler alert for all you naughty mouth-breathers reading this before catching up ; )**

Holiday Gift Inspiration: Crochet Blanket

The holiday season is among us and there is work to be done! We know that gift-giving can lead to some serious hair pulling as the aggravating hunt for the perfect present begins and the old wallet empties. And, we think we found the perfect solution. Crafting! Crafting is all sorts of relaxing and if you’ve got extra time it’s a serious budget saver. So, today we’ve got a fun DIY gift project for you.

Two Autumn Makeup Favorites

I love makeup. Makeupy. Makeup. Makeup. Ron Burgundy voice. Did I mention I love makeup? I’ve been fiddling with the stuff since I was just a wee babe and haven’t given it up yet. Momma didn’t raise no quitter. She raised a makeupaholic. Sidenote: I’ve noticed that I have been some sort of aholic in a few posts so far lol. Today, I’m gonna share two perfect fall makeup items for your beauty bag!

Must-Have November Candle of the Month

Hooray! Southern California’s weather has finally shifted from a miserable 90+ degrees heatwave to the more manageable high-60s and it feels like the perfect time to kick off our Candle of the Month series. Not gonna lie, seeing all the lovely fall posts on Instagram had us breaking out our candles a little too early. And, there is nothing worse than longing for crisp East Coast-esque air while sweating profusely as a heat rivaling that of Hell’s butthole emanates out of a three-wick candle!