Holiday Gift: Astrological Mug

The holiday clock is ticking away and we’re not ready! Lean in close friends and we’ll let you in on a little secret. We haven’t even scraped the top of our Christmas list yet—shame, shame! 

Every year we plan on knocking out the bulk of our gifts early and without fail every year we wait until the week before to rush through it all. Our foolishness is punished by leftover rolls of shittily designed wrapping paper, manhandled bows, and the taunting ghosts of missed deals—oh, so many lost deals. You’d think we’d be use to life, bills, school, kids, money, procrastination, laziness, over-confidence in our shopping abilities always getting in the way of a picture-perfect holiday, but we’re not. Go ahead and say it already. Christmas a-losers. I can’t believe you said it.

Well, if you’re anything like us, being left with so little time means you might be in need of some sweet gift ideas. And, this time we’re here to help ya out. There, there. 

We stumbled across these adorable Astrological Mugs at Target (while not Christmas shopping) and the twinkly lights went off in our heads. Hallelujah! 

Remember when you were little and you gave or received a BFF gift? Well, this is the adult equivalent. Bryan and I are both Tauri—two stubborn bastards—which is why our mugs have the same sign. But, for basically any other couple or friends or couple of friends there is an array of adorably printed mugs just waiting to indicate your compatibility with one another. As an added bonus, they are only $5.99 each! Even if you’re on a budget, you may have a little extra cash leftover to fill them up with other goodies ; )

Plus, these mugs are huge! I hate filling up coffee to the very brim only to slowly creep over to my perfect butt groove on the couch. By the time I make it there, I’ve spilled everywhere and my coffee is cooled lol. And no, I am not willing to fill it up less. It must be done this way and this way only! With these bad boys, you and your buddy will be able to enjoy Gilmore-ian amounts of caffeine, all comfy and cozy, while safe from skin blistering spills.



Hopefully this gets your creative juices doing something by now. Here’s to all our Christmas shopping endeavors being merry and bright with the least amount of elbows thrown.