December Candle of the Month

Oh Santa baby, are we excited to share our December Candle of the Month with you all!

We picked up Martin & Company’s latest scent at the Little Brown Bag handmade market in Redlands, CA and it was completely worth the long drive. By the time we entered the event, it was slim picking as Martin & Company were almost sold out of their stock of 300 candles in only the first hour or so. Boosch! If that doesn’t indicate the amazingness of their candles then I don’t know what will.

Typically, I pick up the same variation of a fruity, sugary candle, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Last month’s candle, for example, was delicious but close to what we usually pick up. So, I am still ecstatic that something different was waiting for us. White Birch is the perfect Christmas scent! Its obviously tree-based, but it isn’t over the top or overly artificial. Nothing turns ya off more than a candle that smells just like the waxy version of a pine tree car freshener. No, and thank you. And, our favorite part about White Birch is that there’s more underneath the forest aroma. It’s a note of something sweet and spicy. I can’t put my nose on what it is, but I like it!

For the past couple weeks Bryan has been on a huge candle burning kick, but I’m not complaining. There ain’t nothing better than coming home after a long day of schoolin’ to the kids fast asleep, dinner made, and a great smelling candle burning away. Just toss me a beer and let me throw my feet up in front of the TV for a bit and I’m a modern-female Al Bundy. Um, no Peg. Wednesday night I came home after one of the hardest finals of my life and this handsome devil was puffing away. Needless to say, all was right in the world again.

Each one of Martin & Company’s candles are handmade with lots of love and a whole lotta kickass. They are soy-based candles which means awesome for you! Soy candles burn cleaner with very little soot and are non-toxic. Unfortunately, I have no clue if this scent is seasonal but I highly recommend you get your hands on it before Christmas. Chop Chop! Keep it, give it, but either way you won’t be sorry. You get a candle. You get a candle. Everyone gets a candle! And, remember to share the love with small businesses this holiday season.