About Us

Hello There!

We are Bryan and Jillian Bergamo, husband-wife duo since 2007. Over the years, we’ve transitioned from high school sweethearts to a family of four residing in Southern California. We have been fully immersed in each other’s lives for more than a decade, and figure a blogging adventure is best attempted together.

Bryan is the photographic-fox to my writing-doe. Most of our content will combine his visual eye with my written voice. So, you’ll know which one to blame ; )

On Fox and Doe you’ll find lifestyle, travel, beauty, and even parenthood posts. It felt like an impossible task to narrow down everything we wanted to talk about, so we decided to hell with it, we’re gonna talk about it all! We hope that our passions will not only be entertaining but also helpful for you! Send us a little hello and once again, Welcome.

Thank you for joining us on our crazy journey!