5 Reasons Why We’re Steve Harrington Converts

Previously in 11 Reasons Why Stranger Things Is The Best, I stated that we were fans of all the characters on the show, except for Steven Harrington. Lord, forgive me for I have sinned! Season 2 of Stranger Things has brought me to the light, and I am sorry! After finishing the season, we have officially converted to Harringtonism.

**Spoiler alert for all you naughty mouth-breathers reading this before catching up ; )**

Bryan likes to say he always liked Steve, but he’s a big fat phony! A Phony! So, here are some 80s style pictures and the five reasons why we now love Steve.

  1. Din Din with the Hollands- The guy is a very supportive boyfriend, just sayin’. At the start of the season, we’re given a glimpse of Nancy’s masochistic ways, as she informs Steve they’re attending another insufferable dinner with her dead BFF’s parents. Still no justice for old Barb. Steve’s obviously not thrilled about going again, but because he loves her, he sucks it up for a finger lickin’ good time. Since when does the popular jock put up with this kind of crap? When his character is about to get complicated, that’s when! He definitely gets major brownie points from us when Nancy leaves him at that awkward and greasy dinner table so she can cry in the bathroom over what a shitty person she is.
  2. Bullshit- Speaking of shit, in an attempt to cheer her up after said dinner, Steve suggests they both attend a typical 80s party—phones upside down (no pun intended) in blenders and all—and pretend for one night that they are normal teens. Obviously, this does not go over well with old Nance. After chugging Solo cup after Solo cup of what I can only guess is some sort of Jungle Juice, she belligerently proceeds to tell him everyone and everything—including their relationship—is bullshit. Say it with me: bullshit, bullshit, Bullshit, BULLSHIT! Not only can Steve take a major ass whooping, but he can take a verbal one as well. Of course, like any person after a barrage of word bullets, he needs a moment. And, in his absence Nancy leaves with non other than Jonathan Byers. Gasp. Poor Stevey-Pooh just can’t catch a break. To make matters worse, Nance tries to play it off like she has noooo idea what happened at the party. Steve is willing to let it all go, but when she won’t say I love you he rightfully walks off upset. You go Steve Coco!
  3. Red Roses- After it’s all said in done, who then tries to apologize first, even after acknowledging they did nothing wrong? Did you guess Steve? Cuz it’s Steve! He shows up with his hair all done and a big bouquet of red roses—that ain’t cheap—lookin’ for Nance, but is she home? Nooooo. And he knows exactly who she’s with : (
  4. Farrah Fawcett Spray- While Steve gets roped into helping the kids defeat a pack of Demodogs—ya know, the usual—you can’t help but smile during the railroad track scene as he kindly gives Dustin his secret recipe for fabulous hair. After empathizing with his lady troubles, Steve admits that the key ingredient is Farrah Fawcett spray. Sweet Stevey willingly puts his social status on the railroad line, while simultaneously nestling himself into our hearts. Are ya gettin’ the feels yet? No? Well hold on because we saved the best for last! 
  5. Snowball- I don’t care who you are, there is no way in hell—in HELL I say—that a dejected Dustin sobbing at the Snowball didn’t break your heart! Especially, when only moments before we see Dad-Steve dropping him off, giving him the lady pep talk, and a one two check of those crazy curly locks made sky high with a final spritz of Farrah Fawcett spray. Dawww. And, not only is Steve still looking out for Dustin, but to top it all off, we get that sweet, sad glimpse of him noticing Nancy pouring drinks in the crowd of awkward, pubescent middle schoolers. O Steve! How could we have been so quick to judge ye?

So, there ya have it folks! These are the five reasons we have joined #TeamSteve. Plus, Jonathan was super lame this season. What’s up with that? I feel like the writers were purposely driving us into Harrington’s arms, but ya know, I’m okay with it. Cheers!